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Ensuring everyday support, we provide a dedicated team of wealth managers, planners and other specialists.

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We start by using our expertise across our whole business to look at every aspect of your wealth. This allows us to see if you’re over-exposed to risk.

Portfolio Management

We’ll continually monitor and manage your portfolio and adapt it to new opportunities as they arise when markets change.

Our unique approach to wealth management
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From wealth planning to portfolio growth to investment management, we offer a full suite of products and services that are designed to help you achieve your goals!

Capitals Holding Limited offers a personal and proactive approach to investing, managing and growing your wealth. Over the years, we’ve found that investors consistently struggle to get the sort of investment returns they should.

We created a dedicated team of behavioural finance specialists to find out why, and to find out what we could do to improve our clients’ investment decision-making and returns. Our unique investment philosophy approach is the result of their research. Our pioneering approach uses behavioural finance – how emotions impact your investment decisions – to help improve your long-term returns.

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Investment Offers

Starter Plan
3 % /DAILY
  • $100 - Minimum Deposit
  • $29,999 - Maximum Deposit
  • 5 Days - Duration
  • 5% Referral - Commission
Regional Representative Plan
5 % /DAILY
  • $30,000 - Minimum Deposit
  • $59,999 - Maximum Deposit
  • 30 Days - Duration
  • 10% Referral - Commission
Shareowner Plan
10 % /DAILY
  • $60,000 - Minimum Deposit
  • Unlimited - Maximum Deposit
  • 15 Days - Duration
  • 15% Referral - Commission
VIP PLAN (Regional Rep)
As Our Regional Representative
  • You must be 22 years and above
  • You earn $2000 weekly maintenance fee
  • You are eligible to apply for our yearly awards which includes a prize giveaway of $100,000
  • A free rented apartment within your region
  • Free brand new car (SUV)
  • Free medical checkup every three months
  • 30 days tour sponsorship with your family to any country of your choice.
  • You earn 5% of every Investment made by any new investor within your region.
VIP PLAN (Shareowner Rep)
As Our Shareowner Member
  • You earn $12,000 monthly maintenance fee
  • You earn 5% commission of every investment made by a new investor globally
  • As a shareowner of a company, you are entitled to dividends.
  • 30 days tour sponsorship with your family to any country of your choice
  • A shareowner have the right to attend the company's annual meetings, either in person or via conference calls
  • A free house in any of your country's region
  • A free company branded car( SUV)
  • Many other incentives, Contact support for further enquiries.

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The traditional approach to creating an investment portfolio focuses almost entirely on an investor’s attitude to risk and ignores the other emotional factors at work.

Our investment philosophy approach measures six different aspects of an investor’s personality that relate to their financial behaviour and decision-making. We believe this enables us to develop more effective individual investment solutions that reduce the negative impact on returns caused by investor emotions.

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